Dec 15

The Book Cave Sells Out

Ric Croxton, Art Sippo and their respective alter egos, the welterweight boxing champion Ricardo Croxton and the concierge for the Black Cemetery hotel Arturo Sippo, recently interviewed an obscure PulpWork Press writer named Joel Jenkins on their Book Cave Podcast.

The discussion largely revolved around the third book in the Gantlet Brother series, The Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out, and the bloody demise of one or more of those brothers.  Give it a listen!

Dec 01

SoulQuest, the new book from PulpWork Press!

soulquestSoulQuest, the latest novel from PulpWork Press, is an epic fantasy set in a world of magic and monsters! Written by Percival Constantine, the Pulp Ark Award-nominated author of The Myth Hunter, Dragon Kings of the OrientLove & Bullets, and numerous other New Pulp novels, SoulQuest tells the story of the crew of the pirate airship, Excalibur. Led by the swordsman Zarim, this ragtag group of outcasts consists of thieves, ex-soldiers, mystical beings, and creatures of the night!

Brought together by circumstance, they must put aside their own differences and learn to work together so they can retrieve the Soulstones, five mystical artifacts that are believed to hold within them the source of incredibly destructive power!

Standing in their way are the forces of the empire, led by a powerful and twisted sorcerer named Vortai who wants the stones for his own nefarious purposes!

From an island of monsters to the kingdom of faeries, from the dungeons of the empire to the tribal lands of the mysterious Felidae, to the very edges of reality and beyond, SoulQuest is an adventure in the vein of the Final Fantasy game series!

Available now in both print and digital versions from Amazon, just in time for the holiday shopping season! Don’t miss out!

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Oct 25

Free Nuclear Suitcases

The Gantlet Brothers escaped from Communist Germany over the Berlin wall in the early 1980’s and embarked on a career as rock musicians–a career punctuated by gunfire and violence.

At this moment and through the 29th of October The Nuclear Suitcase is available as a free Kindle download at This is the first in the Gantlet Brother series, followed by The Gantlet Brothers Greatest Hits and The Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out.

Oct 05

Sold Out For Sale

When one of the infamous Gantlet Brothers is slain in an assassination that was intended to kill them all, the remaining brothers go on the warpath. From the sunny shores of Puerto Rico to the dank back alleys of London, and behind the Iron Curtain of communist Czechoslovakia, the Gantlets hunt the cadre of assassins responsible for their brother’s death, uncovering conspiracies and plots as they work their way back to the criminal warlord that is behind it all.

This is for sale at Amazon in both dead tree (currently discounted from $13.95 to $12.57) and digital format ($3.95).

Aug 03

Blood & Ink Interview


Click on over to author Derrick Ferguson’s Blood & Ink blog and read an interview with Joel Jenkins as they take on subjects like the IRS and unconstitutional overreach of the Federal government–and the upcoming Gantlet Brothers book.

Jul 15

Christmas in July!




July 15th through July 19th pick up Kindle copies of The PulpWork Christmas Special 2011 and the PulpWork Christmas Special 2012 at no charge on These contain stories by Joel Jenkins (Dire Planet), Russ Anderson (of How the West was Weird fame) Josh Reynolds (of Black Library fame), and Derrick Ferguson (of Dillon fame). Download ’em for free for the next few days! vacation planner

Jun 25

Free Weird Worlds

From today until the 29th of June Amazon is offering a Kindle download of Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins at no charge. It also looks as though they’ve knocked a dollar and half off the cover price, for anyone who is interested in purchasing a hard copy.

From an ancient temple in the icy Martian mountains to a forbidden road haunted by the ghost of an Indian brave, this collection of tales will take you on a thrilling journey. Meet vampire hunters, a rock musician who takes on the heavyweight champion of the world, the reluctant warrior of the mystical land of Saffronyia, giant Nazi robots, and the Mormon gunfighter Porter Rockwell … as well as a few hungry apes and one very lovely assassin.

Jun 04

Talking Atomic Anxiety


Mark Bousquet of Gunfighter Gothic and Dreamer’s Syndrome fame was kind enough to take some time out of his very busy schedule to interview Pulp Work Press author, Joel Jenkins, about his most recent books (Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins, Pirates of Mirror Land, Island of Lost Souls, One Foot in My Grave), and a few other odds and ends.  Check out the Atomic Interview at Bousquet’s Atomic Anxiety Blog.

May 17

Dillon appears in comics!

AllStarPulp2CVRAirship 27 Productions has once again teamed with Redbud Studio comics to release the second in their on-going pulp comics anthology.  The first giant issue in this series won the coveted Pulp Ark Award for Best Pulp Comic of 2010.
Volume Two of the series, co-edited by creators Ron Fortier and Rob Davis, is even bigger than that stellar premier issue.  Contained here are eight stories featuring both modern and classic pulp heroes; Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord, the Black Bat, Cain, Robin Hood, Lance Star, Brothers Bones, Dillon and Domino Lady.
The cover is by Will Meugniot and features Ki-Gor’s lovely mate, Helene, battling back to back with Derrick Ferguson’s modern day adventurer, Dillon.  Other creators represented are Russ Anderson, Fortier, Davis, Ian Watson, Thomas Deja, Michelle Sciuto, Sean Taylor, Aaron Meade, Todd Jones, Lee Oaks, James Gaubatz, Van Plexico, Andrew Salmon and Kelly Everaert.
The book is available from Indy and part of the proceeds are being donated to the Boston Red Cross.  “We were the last stages of assembling the book,” explains Editor Foriter, “when the Patriots’ Day bombings occurred in Boston.  All of us, like the rest of the country, were in shock and felt helpless to do anything.”  It was writer Van Plexico who contacted Fortier about possibly offering some of the sales proceeds to help those injured in the terror attack.  “The second Van brought up, I knew it was something we had to do,” Fortier continues.  He contacted Davis and all the creators and the decision was made to take all the profits earned by the book during its first six months in print and donate them to the Boston Red Cross.
“We truly hope our fans, when they learn of this idea, will want to rally around a truly good cause and help us put sales over the top,” adds co-editor Rob Davis.  “We really want this to be the best selling title Redbud Studio has ever produced.”
The issue is now on sale at IndyPlanet.

May 14

Free the Dire Planet

Over the last few years Joel Jenkins has written five sword and science fiction books about stranded astronaut Garvey Dire. The first one is currently available on Amazon as a Kindle download at no charge. This offer ends on May 18th around midnight, so take advantage of it while you can.

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